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All Things Political - an alternative look at Washington from the citizen's perspective. A service of the Washington Weekly.
Budget Bulletin - Offered by the U.S. Senate Budget Committee, this is a weekly newsletter focusing on the federal budget. Contains useful information about legislation, Presidential proposals, events, and current budgetary debates.
CNN Time All Politics - Time and CNN are pleased to launch this full-service Web site dedicated to politics in the digital age.
College Republicans - Alphabetical Listing of College Republican Organizations.
Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine -
Democratic National Committee -
Doonesbury - So what's doing here? Think Participatory Democracy. Think Cyber Citizenship. Think Conventional Wisdom. Finished? Good, because we're none of those things. For instance, in our DAILY BRIEFING section, you'll find only the freshest, hand-sorted political news and analysis. For biweekly polls that are as accurate as they are pointless, hike on over to our STRAW POLL pavilion
Federal Election Commission - Official source about financing campaigns for President, the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives.
House Appropriations Committee - Welcome to the home page for the Committee on Appropriations at the U.S. House of Representatives.
Intellectual Capital - IntellectualCapital.com is the Web's leading weekly e-zine of bi-partisan public policy ideas and opinion, featuring original columns from over 30 respected writers ranging from the staunchly conservative to the radically liberal.
Iowa Democratic Party Page - Information about the Iowa Democratic Party
Mark Gribben's Political Science Page - A site devoted to providing people with the tools they may need to understand American politics and governance.
Marketplace of Political Ideas - A collection of pointers to the full range of candidates and issues is available, such as Democratic sites, Republican sites, third party sites, non-partisan sites, political groups on the Left, Right, and "Fringes", and a variety of political science pointers.
Monet's Studio - Political Cartoon of the Day - D.H.Monet's political cartoons, updated daily. Suitable for downloading. Also includes: News links, archives, 'toon links and much more.
National Politics and Personalities - Contains a vast index covering every imaginable party. Presidential CyberPoll online. Parties include: Communist--Democrat--Greens--United We Stand America--Libertarian--Patriot--Natural Law--Republican--Socialist
National Politics and Personalities - Contains a vast index covering every imaginable political party. Participate in the Presidential CyberPoll on-line or browse through resources in the following areas: Communist, Democrat, Greens, United We Stand America, Libertarian, Patriot, Natural Law, Republican and Socialist Parties.
Negative Spin - Political humor at its best.
Negative Spin - Political Satire Humor
One if By Congress, Two If By White House - Dedicated to Jeffersonian Conservatism, the belief that the individual citizen is more important than the government. It offers commentary, news and discussion on American society, politics and global role with a strong bias toward Jefferson's concept of a small, limited government.
PC PRIMER - Learn what it takes to be Politically Correct.
Politics and Personalities - National information about several political type people.
Politics.com - Your Internet resource for understanding, following, and enjoying the presidential race.
PoliticsUSA - Welcome to the Preview site for PoliticsUSA, the Web home for people who care about politics, government and democracy. PoliticsUSA is both a source for nonpartisan news, analysis and information and a platform for multipartisan political dialogue and involvement.
President Bill Clinton - The Dark Side - A nonpartisan look at the dark side of Bill and Hillary Clinton, with quotes, links, and sources listed. Site's current feature: $100,000 Payoff from Educational Foundation
Presidential Primaries - In the interest of public information, the Washington Weekly presents unbiased portraits of announced candidates for President of the United States.
PrimaryDiner.com - See whats cooking on the political front
Project Smart Vote - Project Vote Smart tracks the performance of over 13,000 political leaders.
Publius `96 - Covering the '96 campaign from your perspective, instead of the candidates and pundits.
Ross Perot for President Official WWW Site - Reform party candidate Ross Perot now has an official campaign site online.
Slate Magazine - A little company called Microsoft has sponsored a little magazine editor called Kinsley to write a little zine called Slate. The result? Some of the best political/cultural reporting on the Web.
The Flummery Digest - The anecdotes and quotations collected here were taken from The American Spectator, The Boston Globe, Chronicles, Esquire, Harper's, Heterodoxy, Insight, The National Review, The New Republic, The New York Times, Newsweek, Penthouse, Policy Review, The Progressive, Reader's Digest, Reason, Spy, Time, TV Guide, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Monthly, various television and radio programs, newsletters, works of nonfiction, and more ``year in review'' magazine issues than I care to mention.
The Harvard Political Review - Official Web page of the Harvard Political Review, a non-partisan journal of both domestic and international issues. Published quarterly by the Institute of Politics, each issue offers fresh, in-depth analysis of the political world while maintaining a clear and accessible style.
Uptodate House Floor Activities - Follow current house floor proceedings, read a three-day summary of events, search for the status of a bill, and more.
Voice of the Shuttle - Politics and Government Page
Welcome to the Iowa Legislature - Legislative Information and resources
WhiteHouse '96 : the presidential campaign - Information pertaining to the campaign of 96
Whitewater archives - A large collection of documents on the various Whitewater scandals, particularly regarding the death of Vince Foster, i.e.,
YPN: NetVote - If you want to know the best places to follow the 1996 Presidential campaign online, check out NetVote. Brought to you by Michael Wolff and Company (the creators of NetGuide), NetVote helps you track the candidates, follow the issues, and make your opinions known.
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