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104th Pa. Volunteer Infantry Home Page - This Web Page was developed to provide information on the original 104th Pa. Volunteer Infantry Civil War Regiment as well as information on our Reenactment Group.
12th Illinois Cavalry Co. F - The 12th Illinois Cavalry was formed in the spring of 1998 as a reenacting unit.
167th Pennsylvania Drafted Militia Infantry - A Civil War Reenactment Group doing Union Infantry and Civilian impressions.
1st Louisiana Special Battalion (Wheat's Tigers) - This page is dedicated to all of the brave soldiers that fought during the greatest moment of turmoil in United States history.
28th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry (1862-65) - The Twenty-eighth Regiment was recruited principally in Waukesha and Walworth Counties, Wisconsin, and was organized at Camp Washburn, Milwaukee, under the command of Colonel James M. Lewis of Oconomowoc.
2nd South Carolina String Band - The purpose of the Second South Carolina String Band is to recreate (as authentically as possible) the music of the Civil War.
37th Texas Cavalry - A historically accurate Confederate Re-enactment Unit
4th Artillery Brass Band - The 4th U.S. Artillery Regimental Brass Band is representative of the small army bands of the mid -19th century.
4th Texas Co. E - The 4th Texas Co.E has many valuable tidbit that others will enjoy.
5th Company - Washington Artillery of New Orleans - On that Site, we have a mixture of the historic and the current re-enacting On this site, they have a mixture of the historic and the current re-enacting portrayal of the historic.
7th South Carolina Infantry Regiment Co. K Ruffin Guards - The men of the 7th, (including the auxiliary unit) portray life as it was once lived during the mid-19th century, (during the War Between the States).
Allen's Laurel Hill Sutlery - Specializing in reproduction Civil War uniforms and accessories
American Civil War Genealogy Site -
American Civil War Research and Genealogy Database - the largest, most in-depth and fully searchable database of United States Civil War soldiers and events
B D Rucker Research - They research people's ancestors through court, cemetery, funeral home, county histories and census records. They have also done Civil War research, on individuals and on various units who served in the war.
Battle of Gettysburg Homepage - This page is dedicated to the Battle of Gettysburg, and strives to be the most comprehensive and professional study of the battle of Gettysburg. Site is under constuction, but is very extensive already.
Battle of Gettysburg, Civil War Game - The simulation places you at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on July 1, 1863 and puts you in command of either the Union or Confederate army.
Battle of Olustee Home Page - The Olustee WWW Site has numberous histories of units, photos, graphics, maps, and such on Florida's biggest CW battle
Battle of Resaca - First Major Battle in the Campaign for Atlanta, Ga.
Broadfoot Publishing Company - Publisher of Civil War books and Civil War CD references.
C. Clayton Thompson - Civil War and Collectible Books - We specialize in Fine Quality Civil War Books!
Camp Pope Bookshop - Their website has the largest selection of in-print titles on the Trans-Mississippi Theater in the Civil War and offers a free search service for info on Iowa soldiers in the Civil War.
Cassie and Tom's Gettysburg Trips - Photos and reflections from Gettysburg trips
Civil War - An Illinois Soldier - The memoirs, diary, and life of Private Jefferson Moses, Company G, 93rd
Civil War 101 - A teachers view of the Civil War.
Civil War and Irish History Source: Shamrock Hill Books - U.S. and Irish History, With a Specialty in the American Civil War.
Civil War Antiques Preservation Society - Appraisers, Authenticators, and Buyers of Civil War Military Antiques.
Civil War Diary of Bingham F. Junkin - 100th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry ("Roundheads")
Civil War Diary of Elias D. Moore - Elias Moore served with the 114th Regiment Company A. Ohio Volunteer Infantry from August 13th 1862 - July 31st 1865.
Civil War In Miniature - This site contains documented facts and Interesting tidbits about the great Civil War this country experienced between the years 1861 - 1865.
Civil War Interactive - A free Civil War magazine on the internet.
Civil War Mall - An on-line shopping mall offering books, prints, photographs, ephemera, manuscripts, maps, autographs, antiques and collectibles for the Civil War Enthusiast!
Civil War Music from Spring River Music - EPITAPH - A Collection of Civil War Songs Sung by Tenor Robert Trentham
Civil War Newspapers - Coverage of John Brown's Raid.
Civil War Page - Rebels and Yankees are both welcome.
Civil War Page - American Civil War: Resources on the Internet - Information from Dakota State University.
Civil War Poetry and Music Home Page -
Civil War Treasures - Website by The Connecticut Historical Society (CHS)
Civil War Women - Internet Sources - Provides links to all the diaries, letters, photos, and writings of women during the Civil War which are currently available on the Internet.
Civil War Women - On-line Archival Exhibits at Duke University - Provides Internet access to actual archival collections for the Duke Special Collections Library which have been scanned and transcribed. Currently features the 1864 diary of Alice Williamson, a 16 yr old rebel living in Galatin, Tn. and the papers of Rose O'Neal Greenhow, notorious Confederate spy.
CivilWar Skirmish Association (CWSA) - The CWSA conducts team target competition using Civil War firearms and replicas. The skirmishes offer competitive live-firing events for percussion muzzle-loading rifles and rifle muskets, percussion carbines (both muzzle-loading and breech-loading), and cap and ball revolvers.
Co. A, Fifth New York Infantry - A site that examines the origins of the "Zouave Craze" that swept the U.S. on the eve of Civil War, with special emphasis on the 5th New York, a famed Zouave regiment of that War.
Collis' Zouaves - The 114th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry History and Reenactment Homepage
Confederate States Navy - This site is dedicated to the memory of the gallant and too often unknown sailors and marines of the War Between The States and especially to the crew of the CS Steamer FLORIDA and to Capt. John Newland Maffitt (1819-1884), whose life and daring exploits having been explored have resulted in this endeavor.
D and M Woodcrafts - We are makers of handcrafted custom wooden dislay cases for everything and anything that you can think of, especially for CW rifles and artifacts.
Down Home Along the Cumberland River - This site is dedicated to the history and genealogy of our ancestors who settled in the hills along the Cumberland River in southeastern Kentucky.
Dwight Belles Home Page of Military History - The Armory, a live chat group focused strictly on the Civil War , and believe that the more knowledge we can spread on the Civil War, the better. (Java required for live chat)
GAR homepage - This Homepage has been developed to advance the understanding of the great Civil War veterans organization, the GAR. Both descriptive and source information will be presented to assist those interested in the important activities of these veterans during a most formative period of the United States. Collectors of GAR memorabilia will be given insight into the various badges, ribbons, unit I.D.'s , photographs, uniforms, and many other areas of collecting and research
Gleaton Family Tree - Contains links to four "soldier/regiment" histories for 4 GGGFs.
Hariet's TCS - Harrriet's TCS is a speciality costume shop, emphasizing in designs from 19th century. We offer a full range of patterns, tailoring and rentals, as well as offering a full line of supplies.
History Buffs Homepage - This site is devoted to press coverage of events in American history.
Home of the Reenactor Ring - The purpose of the Reenactor Ring is to bring the world of Civil War reenacting, both North and South, closer together.
Howitzers On-Line - This site is designed to educate and entertain those wanting to learn more about the American Civil War and the Richmond Howitzers.
Isaac Mitchell: Battle of Sacremento -
Jim Lyons Historical Newspapers - Hundreds of 19th century anecdotes, stories and jokes taken from 19th century newspapers. There's a special section just on Civil War articles.
Jim Schmidt's Civil War Web Site - The Fredericksburg Battlefield Virtual Tour - This "virtual tour" includes photographs from points on the Fredericksburg battlefield.
Kennesaw Civil War Museum -
Letters from the 126th Ohio Volunteer Infantry - A respository for primary source material from the members of the 126th OVI.
Letters of the Civil War - A compilation of letters from the soldiers, sailors, nurses, politicians, ministers and journalists from the newspapers of the cities and towns of Massachusetts April 1861-December 1865
Maryland Line C. S. A. - Confederate Sons of Veterans
McClellan Rangers Reenactment Association Meeting Place - 104th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry and McClellan Rangers Fife & Drum Corps
Michael Gay: American Civil War - 3rd & 2nd Great Grandfather Participation
Minuet on red clay (Kennesaw) - from the book 'tales of the borderline'
North Georgia History - Includes information on several Civil War battles
North-South Skirmish Association - The North-South Skirmish Association (N-SSA) was formed in 1950 to commemorate the heroism of the men, of both sides, who fought in the American Civil War, 1861-1865. The N-SSA promotes the shooting of Civil War firearms and artillery and encourages the preservation and display of Civil War materials.
Oldvets New Posthome - This site was built to help educate people on the subject of Civil War Veterans societies.
Petersburg Public Library Newspaper Index 1797 - 1877 - One of the most complete local newspaper indexes in Virginia, the index is comprised of 43,810 typed 3 x 5 cards which cover local events, including the period of reconstruction following the Civil War, in great detail.
Pick the Lock of Lee's Heart - The major part of the website is a 41-minute presentation of "Lee" telling story before the war.
Powder Monkey Productions - Website features a a 25ft. replica of a Richmond class ironclad gunboat.
Prints of the Civil War - Prints of the Civil War
Raising the Gunboats Homepage - Exclusive web site on the raising of the Civil War Gunboats at Johnsonville, TN. Up to date information on the progress of raising the Tawah, Key West, Undine, The Venus, and the Elfin.
Resaca Confederate Cemetary - Georgia's First Confederate Cemetery
Ron Wall miniatures - Ron Wall Miniatures are the very finest in collectible toy soldiers. Currently featured are the American Civil War, Custer (Custer's Last Stand at Little Big Horn), Sioux Indian War, The Gambler and The Wild West Series.
Rural Citizen Online Bookstore - The Rural Citizen Online Bookstore offer a selection of books related to Southern and Confederate heritage, history and culture.
Scorchy Designs - Civil War reenacting has enabled us to provide reenactment photos for sale to the public. The images can be purchased in color, black and white, or sepia tones
Selected Civil War Photographs - The Selected Civil War Photographs Collection contains 1,118 photographs. Most of the images were made under the supervision of Mathew B. Brady, and include scenes of military personnel, preparations for battle, and battle after-effects. The collection also includes portraits of both Confederate and Union officers, and a selection of enlisted men.
Smoke Ridge Books - Last Words of the Civil War: The Moment of Sacrifice, detailing the last words and dramatic deaths of 400 civil war participants.
South Bend Replicas - South Bend Replicas has hundreds of Civil War military artillery and re-enactment miniatures. Antique Civil War collectibles including muzzles, cannons, guns, and machinery.
South Carolina in the Civil War -
SQUARES - The Civil War Battle Game - A Strategy Game of Military Maneuvers and Tactics - A game based on the Civil War. Includes all instructions and board layout so you can make a copy for yourself.
Tazewell County Virginia Photographs - A collection of nearly 3,900 photos from Tazewell County, VA, dating from 1851 to the early 1990s. The photos cover a wide range of subjects and activities. Users may search by keyword, title, subject, type of photo, or photo number.
Tennessee River Press - Publisher and distributor for the Tennessee River Museum.
The Battle of the Wilderness Virtual Tour - This "virtual tour" includes photographs from points on and near the American Civil War battlefield of the Wilderness, fought May 5-6 1864.
The Valley of the Shadow - This is the gateway into the story of the Civil War as seen by two communities in the Great Valley of the United States: Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and Staunton, Virginia. This project weaves together the histories of these two places, separated by a few hundred miles and the Mason-Dixon Line.
Ulysses S. Grant - Here you will meet a figure profoundly misunderstood in history and in popular culture.
Upcountry South Carolina Heritage - This site has information about the heritage of the Upcountry of South Carolina, especially northern Spartanburg and Greenville Counties.
Valley of the Shadow - Living the Civil War in Virginia and Pennsylvania
Valor in Gray: Confederate Medal of Honor Recipients - A web page about a new book titled "Valor in Gray: The Recipients of the Confederate Medal of Honor" by Gregg S. Clemmer. Gregg is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans' National Confederate Medal of Honor Committee.
Women and the Civil War - Resources at Duke - Contains a large list of original manuscripts which document women's experiences during the Civil War. A few of the collections are available via the Internet and have been hot-linked.
York County in the Civil War -
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