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#1 Kids Hotspots by Jerseyguy.com - The best kids' sites on the WWW ! ! !
(PBS) Public Broadcast Service TV - A well done page dealing with the various programs on PBS.
A Center for Learning - An online learning center that provides students with fun and educational games, online tutoring, tutorials and exercises, and progress tracking report cards.
African Primates at Home - Where else can you *HEAR* a gorilla chest-beat, a chimpanzee scream, and a managabey whoop-gobble? Follow the trail to explore these and other primates' East African habitats... (brought to you by a research scientist)
Animabets.com - Animabets.com is a fun, education web site for children. It provides safe, wholesome activities and games to teach basic subjects.
Arty the part time Astronaut - Kids Astronomy - Join Arty and his new-found alien friend, Guplo, on their learning quest through our solar system. Visit and learn about all nine planets.
Astronomy and space for kids - A dynamic children's Astronomy website
At-Home Ministry - The At-Home Ministry of Burlington Presbyterian Church enables children and youth to learn basic Christian messages while having fun at home. Participants receive free packets each month by mail. Packs contain activities ranging from coloring, mazes, dot-to-dots and shape matching for pre-readers, to crossword puzzles and scripture matching games for youth.
Audry Wood Clubhouse - Meet Audrey Wood and 6 Award Winning Children's Book Creators. Join in activities with Audrey Wood! Discover how picture books are written and illustrated.
Barney Online - Activities for the younger kids. Everyone has heard of Barney.
Barnyard Buddies Homepage - Entertainment for children of all ages and families
Bats Bats Everywhere - Welcome to this special website about bats, designed for all children, and created with the hope you will like, respect and help protect this endangered species.  We want you to have fun learning all about this very unique and helpful animal, so please come visit the site often.
Beakman's World on the Web - We have the answers to questions; a research project You Can do; hooks to other terrific World Wide Web places.
Berit's Best Sites for Children - While roaming 'round the Internet, I've found lots of interesting things. Below are a few of the coolest places that you might like to visit. These sites have been selected and given a rating.
Bill Nye - the science guy - Welcome to Nye Labs, The online laboratory of Bill Nye the science guy.
Billy Bear's Antimated Storybooks - This is a place where kids can be kids, and parents... well... yeah... they can come play too! ... the only dirtiness you'll see is when I'm making those fabulous mud pies.
Bonus.com - The Supersite for Kids
Bry-Back Manor - This site has activity pages for young kids, clipart, craft ideas, downloadable games, and more. All free!
BubbleGum.Com - What kid doesn't like BubbleGum? Has several online games.
CandleLight Stories - Illustrated Children's Stories - You'll find original children's stories, comics, music, animation (need latest Netscape or Explorer) and links to the best recommendations for children's stories and illustrated entertainment on the Web.
Cartoon Critters - Cartoons, animal pics coloring pages, crafts, learn to draw, coloring book online, we have it all!
CE News Service - CE is a news service produced by kids reporting on the issues that affect their lives.
ChildFun Family Website - Parenting advice, kids crafts and more
Childrens Links and Pages - The purpose of this page is to be informational, eductional and entertaining.
Chiquita-tize Your World - Information, activities, and online-games for Kids.
Coloring and Painting pages - Fun coloring pages and painting activities
Cool Science for Kids - The Howard Hughes Medical Institute invites curious kids to explore biology… on screen, off screen, and in between.
CrossSearch Childrens Resources - CrossSearch, the biggest directory of Christian kid resources on the Web
CTW Family Workshop - Home of Sesame Street - a fun new site aimed at giving parents and kids something to do together online.
Dinosaur Eggs - This story takes you behind the scenes of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine’s May 1996 article, The Great Dinosaur Egg Hunt.
Disney - Welcome to Disney. Use this site to springboard into the World of Disney.
Dragonfly Web Pages - Children now have their own national magazine of investigation in DRAGONFLY, a first-of-its kind, theme-based journal that features children's research, art, and creative writing. DRAGONFLY also allows children to interact directly with renown researchers writing of their own investigations and the process of discovery.
Education Place - Our site has a lot of resources for K-6 including online games, weekly brainteasers and a searchable database of projects
Eggy's World of links for Kids - A site of good links for kids.
Emerging Technologies Kids Page - A page full of links for Kids
Family Safe Net - Safe Internet for Children. The sites listed on Family Safe Net have been thoroughly reviewed to maintain assurance of appropriate material for parents and their children.
Family, Fun, and Kid's Sites [Top 100] - A continually changing list of Family oriented sites. Totals are tracked of sites people visit the most.
Find Out Why - Find Out Why is a major public service and education campaign of the National Science Foundation produced in collaboration with Discover Magazine.
Fisher-Price Unofficial Web Site - The Magical World of Fisher-Price
For Parents and Kids Everywhere - A variety of activities
Fun-Attic Game and Activity Guide - Here you will find great game ideas that are ideal for the entire family. Some games can be adapted for indoor play. Please feel free to to print them, play them and share them with your friends.
FunSchool - Here at funschool.com, you will find engaging educational content for your child, all original and done especially for your child's learning experience. These pages are updated regularly with new activities and curriculum. Requires a Java capable web browser.
Funtasia Links - Cool sites for kids.
Games Galore for Kids - Fun interactive games and activities that kids will love. Two new games each month for kids 6 to 10
GapKids - Dress-up online dolls, make your own art, or play the shell game.
Golden Books - What kids haven't grown up with Golden Books. Lots of activities and information presented here.
Grossology, the science of gross things - Recipes advice pictures, all the bells and whistles! Educational, fun, lot's of nooks and crannies
Hands On Children's Museum - the fun place to be for kids 10 years old and under.
Henson.com - The Jim Henson Company - Official home of Kermit and the other muppets.
HipMag Online - HiPMag Online for deaf and hard-of-hearing kids and their pals.
Home and Play - Activities and links for kids
Hot Wheels - This site includes a collector’s corner, the new models, a postcard sender, fun facts, and a cool car of the day.
International Kids' Space - Kids' Space is everybody's home page. A G-rated page for kids.
Jackson's Toon-Center Times - A fun site with activities to keep kids busy.
Jade's Page - Hi. My name is Jade Magada-Ward. I am eight years old and I live in Murfressboro, Tennessee. I like to collect baseball cards, ride bikes, sing songs, draw, read, play softball, and write stories.
Jan Bretts Homepage - A noted children's book author known for her colorful and detailed illustrations. She's included some fun and easy activity/coloring pages.
Jason's Snakes and Reptiles Page - A great page for Herpetology! As seen on WCCO T.V., KJJO Radio! Three star site (NetGuide Magazine Review 12/95)!
K.E.W.L. Kids Excellent Web Links - A complilation of safe sites for children created by an enthusiastic elementary teacher containing links to fun things, educational sites, search engines, sound wavs and more.
Kayleigh's Playground - This site is intended to be a fun, safe, and educational place for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids of all ages.
KellyToy - Official Online Home of KellyToy.
KellyToy - Home of the BeanPals - A graphic intensive page all about BeanPals. I had never heard of them before, but I bet lots of kids have.
Kid-E.tv - Kids games, Kids web sites, Kids entertainment, kids fun.
KidLand: The Webbie Web - Leap with Webbie from Site to Site!
Kids Domain - Articles, games, reviews, and downloads for kids.
Kids' Lightning Safety - A site full of important information for Kids pertaining to Lightning safety.
Kids Page - A site with a few links suitable for kids
Kids Play Safe - Games and play activities galore: mazes, coloring pages, guessing games…
Kid's Quest - Adventures in the Rain Forest.
Kids Science Hotlist - Kids Did This!!
Kids Section Front - IGuide - A site with lots of activities for kids. I received mail about this site giving it a thumbs up.
KIDS.NET.AU - The Internet Search Engine, just for kids
KidStuff - Everything for your children is just a click away, just click on the topic of your choice and off we go!!!
Kidz Kave - Kids fun pages created by Kids (9 and 11 years old) with links to other fun stuff for kids. Kidz Kave!
Kidz Korner - Fun for kids from the Michigan Department of Agriculture.
KidzWorld - Online community for 9-14, providing filtered search engine, tons of homework resources, sports, music, games, contests, monitored chat room, entertainment, fashion, reviews.
Merry Christmas from Santa Claus at the North Pole - Homepage for the holidays
Microbe Zoo - Discover the many worlds of hidden microbes.
Mothers Day with Boowa and Kwala - Boowa and Kwala help kids have fun, learn and celebrate Mother's Day in their own unique way.
Mungo Park - Soon to be full of (more) interactive expeditions from around the globe, you *CAN* currently raft down Ethiopia's Tekeze River -- complete with sound and video clips.
Nabisco® Kids Home Page! - This is the Nabisco Thing's World - where you can fly through time, speak your mind and hang out with your buds.
NabiscoWorld Homepage - Dozens of free online games using shockwave.
Nanny's Rockingchair - child safe surf,linking many activities,and surf along links for adults.
Net-Mom Home Page - This website is a companion to "The Internet Kids and Family Yellow Pages" by Jean Armour Polly. It's a guide to children's sites on the Internet.
New Chapter's KidStudio - Art and Literature for Children
New Jersey Online's Yucky Site: Worm World - Worms, worms and more worms. This website has information about worm body parts, worms as recyclers, worm jokes and more.
NFB KIDS: The Prince and I - The Prince and I web site, is a fun,educational site designed by the National Film Board of Canada to help kids develop their reading skills.
Official Berenstain Bears Website - Lots of activities to occupy any free time your kids may have.
Official Lego homepage - If you are one of the millions of children who love LEGO products and want to know all about them and about the company that makes them - you have come to the right place.
Parents and Children Together Online - A Magazine for Parents and Children on the Worldwide Web.
Pauly's Playhouse - Full of games and fun things for kids and their parents.
Paw Island Entertainment - Paw Island produces children's entertainment that is all non-violent and teaches children important life lessons through our activities and stories. All activities on the site are completely free.
Peter Rabbit Home Page - The official and definitive site about the world of Beatrix Potter™
Planet Twinkie - Fun and games with Hostess Twinkies
Planet Zoom! - A kids webpage that is really for kids.
Play Land - The home page of Ashton Stephen William Poole. A page dedicated to the thing children like the most--playing
Pockets - Pockets, a devotional magazine for children, is online with fun resources for the entire family.
Pokemon the Movie - Information and goodies from and about the Pokemon movie.
Positively Poetry - Children's poetry resource - This page is designed for children from the age of 5 to 15 to share their artistic abilities in writing poetry with people around the world.
RadicalMan - Lots of fun looking activities for kids
Rigby's Kids Places - A site with lots of links to resources interesting to kids.
Safe for Kids - Each week a site is featured which has been self-rated as Safe For Kids using the rating meta tag.
SafeSurf(tm) - Kids Wave - There are great places to take your children online. Here is a partial list of SafeSurf approved sites by category.
Smarty Pants 3D Yo-Yo Tricks - Learn new yoyo tricks and read other yoyo news and information
Smokey Bear's Official Home Page - A place where kids can play fun Shockwave games while learning about fire safety from the Bear we all know and love.
SpaceKids - SpaceKids is a magical, interactive story of a little boy and and his older sister's adventures in search of their lost Grandfather. A free interactive demo of this computer game can be downloaded at the SpaceKids website. Fun for the whole family!
spaceKids.com - Space news and activities for kids.
The Children's Page - Sites of interest to children.
The Discovery Channel on the WWW - Originally produced interactive stories with film, music, photography, and illustration
The Family Place - The Family place has links, fun, entertainment, education, and tons more for every family member!
The StarChild Project - Connecting NASA and the K12 Classroom.
The Virtual Insectary - Welcome to The Virtual Insectary! Just like insect zoos and butterfly gardens, you've found a unique place to study and observe a few insects (except these don't move!). The Virtual Insectary not only provides images of some common insects, but includes information on the foods which they eat as well as the habitats where they can be found.
The Yuckiest site on the internet - A Gross and Yucky Place for Families to Explore (Cockroach World).
Theodore Tugboat - Welcome to our online activity center for Theodore Tugboat, the Canadian TV series about a cheerful tugboat who likes to be friends with everyone. Life in his playful Big Harbour community is always changing, and whatever each new day brings, Theodore likes to do the things that friendly tugboats do.
Thunk.com - Secret messages for kids only. Plus jokes, games, spy trivia, email learning.
TIME for Kids - This publication is catered for children in grades 2-6. It provides current events and non-fiction reading in a form which children find stimulating and exciting.
ToonaCat's Kids Club - A noncommerical web site to promote creativity for elementary age kids.
Tori's Page - Tori is a seven year old from Iowa. Check out the page. It is of better quality then lots of sites I see.
Turbo Power Rangers - What kid doesn't like the Power Rangers? Information about their latest new movie are found here.
USDA for Kids - A site devoted to information for kids from the US department of Agriculture
Virtual Kitty! - Adopt your own Virtual Kitty. (Free)
Wesley Chu's Page - Pianist, Composer, and Entertainer. Wesley Chu has mastered Mozart, performed for thousands, charmed the Queen and cameoed with Cosby- with the occasional break for Lego. Just think what he'll do when he's seven!
Whitehouse for Kids - Take a tour of the Whitehouse with Socks the Cat as your guide.
Worldwide Wishbone - An international canine superstar
Yahooligans! - A service from Yahoo entirely for kids and kid related sites
Yo Yo Universe - Players find everything they want in yo-yos!
You Can Rock Candy - Learn how to make rock candy while you get the scientific explanation and fun facts.
You Rule School - You found it...the only school where kids rule! The only site with fun games featuring General Mills Lucky Charms, Trix, Cheerios, and Cocoa Puffs cereal!
ZooNet - The eventual goal of ZooNet is to make available information about every Zoo in the WORLD, as well as a sampling of pictures, recordings and video clips of the animals in those Zoos.
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